St. James Place Apartments, Baltimore MD
The St. James Place Apartments are located in Baltimore, Maryland. The St James Place apartments are described as a modern upscale living space. The building contains beautiful arches, breath-taking windows, and exposed brick walls. In addition, residents can enjoy nearby retail shops, a workout facility, and on-site parking. Also, the St. James Place apartments are centrally located, within walking distance of the Hippodrome Theater, Walters’s art gallery, and several restaurants. Our team will be installed a combination of closed cell spray foam insulation, a thermal fiber vapor barrier, and an air barrier.  Closed cell spray foam is designed for use in typical residential applications.  Closed cell spray foam insulation controls both moisture and air infiltration.  In addition, vapor barriers are designed to prevent vapor diffusion, and air barriers stop air leakage through differences in air pressure.

St. James Place Apartments

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